Saturday, 31 May 2008

Tartan Tilda!

Isn't it odd the way we see things differently. When this stamp first arrived my first reaction was "Highland Fling" so my Tilda got the full-blown tartan treatment. It was only later I realised that she's meant to be Parisienne!! LOL!! I still love my wee lassie though!

Spring Package

I was surprised when I received this image in my spring DT package because it has a more autumnal feel to me - maybe our seasons differ a lot??

It's a boy!!

I LOVED doing this card - it was time consuming but really worth it!

For Becky

My friend!

Magical Day

Isn't he just sweet standing here among his pots and potions!

Happy Birthday

I made this for a friend, but in the end I couldn't bear to let it go - it's still in my collection among my favourites!

Once Upon a Time

I just LOVE these images with these papers!

Far, Far Away

When I stamped out this image I just thought "My Little Pony" so that's just what I did and I think he looks perfect on this magical paper!

A Beautiful Princess

These Once Upon a Time papers helped to make this set my most favourites of all my cards - these were the inspiration I had been looking for for a long time to try and give my cards a unique look and I am soooo pleased with them.

Zipper Charm

Isn't he just fab!!! This was inspired by my 8 year old son who was stamping my images onto his sheet of shrink plastic - it didn't occur to me till then that Hey, these little guys are soooo versatile!!!

Bling Tag

I just love tags and this was sent as an actual Christmas Card last year!

Christmas Day Menu

Oh my goodness, I pulled this one out of the hat! I saw the cutlery set and nearly passed out - what on earth was I meant to do with that?? I stamped out the image and kept it in front of me while I was making my other DT cards, and suddenly it came to me. A computer generated menu in traditional Christmas colours, a couple of stamps, a bit of ribbon and flower and Hey Presto!! Of all the DT stuff that I did with last Autumn's kit, this turned out to be my absolute favourite and I will use it again and again!

A Christmas Wish

I didn't photograph this one very well - it shows the little girl with her magic wand on a double door on the front and then when you open the doors you see this warm and welcoming fireside..... and this has just given me another idea..! ;o)

'Tis the season

Tra la la la laaa.......

Please grow up...


Miracle of Christmas

I was attempting to create a card using non-traditional Christmas colours - not sure if it worked or not??


Oooh, as soon as I saw this paper it immediately conjured up images of blustery snow blowing around the top of a hill and that's the scene I tried to recreate here. I wish she had a jacket on though....brrr.....!

Be Jolly!

This was my most favourite of the Autumn 2007 stamps - I will be using this one a lot again this year!


Awww..... Moving my cards onto here has made me feel quite Christmassy again!

Silent Night

I really liked this one, it was a bit different and as soon as I stamped out the image I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

A Christmas CD

I love making these hangies from old CD's - this is one that I made for a Christmas decoration with the Autumn 2007 DT package.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Another DT card

This is another of my very first batch of DT cards.

Teachers' Thank You Cards

These two cards were made for my son's teachers when he finished in Y1 - funnily enough, I now work with both these teachers and I was reminded of one of these cards just recently!

Party Invitation

This is a tag card that I made which used 3 of Magnolia's stamps - I love the centre stamp ~ it's perfect for the inside of cards too! Tilda's wellies, although you can't see that well here, were brilliant! I coloured them using Sakura glaze pens and they looked really 'juicy' and had dimension!

Going dotty!

I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the dots on this one!

One for the boys

One of my first DT cards!

They don't all have faces!

This is a card I made using just one swirl stamp and a bit of artistic license with a white pen!

A card for Ella

I remember this being a really, really rushed card because my son was invited to a birthday party and I only remembered on the morning! I had to quickly whizz upstairs and make something suitable for a 6 year old and this is what I came up with!

My first acetate card

This was the first time I ever made an acetate card, and I remember thinking at the time "and my last!! LOL!




This little darlin' got me 'Star Letter' status in Beautiful Cards magazine. I got sent a fabulous pack of contemporary Christmas papers, 6 pots of glitter embossing powder and a load of other stuff! Yay!

Before they got hair!

Aaah, it's like looking through an old family album! I loved these little guys long before they got hair!

Happy Halloween!

It seems such a long time since I made these! I have hand drawn the 'extras'! :o)

The Village Show winner!

This one got me 1st prize in the village show last September in the "Handmade Christmas Card" category!! So proud! :o)

Just for you!

Welcome to my new blog which I've designed soley for my Magnolia pieces. From now on I will be putting all my Magnolia work on this blog as they always appear to get lost on my other. Here's a few pics to be going on with: