Monday, 3 October 2011

October's Here!

Phew! How long is it to half term?? OMGosh, I am soooo tired right now - my body clock is telling me it's time to gather food and go to bed for 3 months, and I certainly wouldn't have a problem with that!  The new term only started 4 weeks ago and already I am shattered!

Well what a week I just had.  I got a phone call last Tuesday from Middle School asking me to come over to look at my son's foot.  He'd apparently had an accident playing cricket and they thought he probably needed to see a doc.  So I shot off and sure enough he DID need to see a doc!  As soon as I saw his foot I could tell he'd broken something, but when I got him to the Minor Injuries dept, I was really shocked to see a huge lump under the ball of his foot.  X-Ray revealed the most horrendous thing I've ever witnessed - his big toe had dislocated and was sitting UNDERNEATH his foot!  ARGH! I nearly passed out!  He has also got two broken bones and a fracture in the big toe.  I've never been a cricket fan, and I can't see him wanting to take it up either!  Mind you, he was worried it might impact on his drumming, but thankfully he's managed to keep that up.

Anyway,  here is my latest card offering.  I made this one for one of the team who's birthday it is tomorrow, and I used the Magnolias Down Under challenge for my inspiration.  Their theme this week is Pink, White and Gold - gorgeous colour combo and I loved making this - I hope you like it too!

That's my lot for the moment - see you soon and thanks for stopping by! :o) xx


  1. Oh wow! Adorable :)
    Thanks for playing at MDUC this week
    Hugs Kylie

  2. This card is SOOOOOOO SWeeeeeet Anne.
    Your colours are so soft. Lucky team member to receive that card. Your always and inspiration.
    I thought it was just me feeling tired. I have nice long weekend booked off, starting Thursday.

    Your poor Son... although I thinks it always far worse for the mother, hope he's not in to much pain.

  3. Love the colours and composition on this card!

  4. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas Anne!
    I hope that New Year is one filled with sunshine and laughter.

    Lot's of Love


  5. Hi Anne, so nice meeting another Maggie lover... Thanks for popping by. I've joined your Magnolia blog so that I can admire your beautiful creations. Oh dearie me, your poor Son. I think I would have fainted on the spot! Hope all goes well. hugs Sharon x

  6. You've got some beautiful work on your blog Anne & I have become a follower to see what you create next. Love this Card in the soft pastel colors.

  7. awe... Your work is beautiful Anne. Love your Spring card. Enjoy your Easter!

  8. I love your beautiful Easel Card Anne. I am liking how you have placed he lace and the ribbon. Thanks for stopping by my Blog yesterday. Have a lovely weekend. Judy x

  9. Dear Anne,

    I discovered you have more than one blog :) Lovely cards everywhere! Wow, that''s even more inspiration!
    What an adventure you had with your son, not a very nice one... I hope he is doing better right now and wish him well!

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Also a big thank you for becoming a follower. I don't have many followers yet, so I am very happy with every new follower.

    I am sorry for the loss of your beloved Rosie. It is hard to go on, but we have to for our other pet(s). But I'm sure Rosie will be in your heart forever, just like my Boelie is in mine.

    Thank you for your wishes, I wish you and your family are well too and also a very happy weekend.

    (Sorry if my spelling is incorrect, I haven't been writing in english for a long time...)

  10. Dear Anne,
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! And thank you for becoming my follower. I don't have many followers yet so I am very pleased with every new follower.
    I also really appreciated your comment on my blog about my lovely Frenchie, Boelie! I am sorry to read you had to go through the same thing one month ago with your Rosie... its always terrible to lose one of your pets. Especially when you had them around for a long time.

    What a story about your son! I hope he is doing better now. I wish him well!

    I became a follower on your blog. I really love your style and it gives me lots of inspiration. Thank you and I wish you and your family a nice weekend too.
    (Sorry if my spelling is not correct, I haven't been writing in english much lately...)


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