Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stop the clock!!!

Argh!!!  Time goes way too quickly these days and before you know it, the school hols are almost at an end and it's going to be 'all change' from next week, but I am so looking forward to the challenge.  Having just completed my first year in KS2, I am going to go back to working in KS1 in a Y1 class! WooHoo!  I feel like a big kid!

It's going to be a pretty big academic year for all of us here.  My eldest is about to enter his last year at Middle School (OMG, how did that happen???) and my youngest will be taking his end of KS2 SATS - boo hoo..... my babies are growing up far too fast!

Now then, I have struggled, let me tell you.....!  It has been such a long time since I made a card and I really, really have struggled like mad to get back into the swing of it!  I needed a challenge to kickstart me off again and I found the TOMIC  and Totally Tilda challenges this week just perfect!  The task is to create a card or project with a Back to School (+ Metal for TOMIC) theme so I created this:

Trust me, there is metal on there - if you look closely I have used a metal (although painted!) brad to hold my tags together.  I have made this card for one of my lovely TA friends, and am about to go off and make a couple more for others! 

This Tilda and the rest of the school accessories was actually part of my DT pack when I was a member of the Magnolia International DT and I remember how much I really struggled to use it then, and this time was no exception!  The ruler, pencils, blackboard (which I've not used here!) are a dream to paint up, but I have always found this image really difficult to colour!  I'm sure we all have a Tilda that we find hard to work with!  Anyway, after several attempts, and many different uniforms, I finally decided to go with the green and grey because it's the colour of our school uniform.  The graph paper is ancient - I got this in a pack years ago but decided to drag it out again for this project.

While I have not been papercrafting, I have really noticed how many new products hit the shelves on a daily basis, and it's quite astonishing for me to see how people can still manage to keep up with all the latest products!  Is it just us who are really feeling the pinch right now?  I can't believe that companies are churning out so many new things (dies seem to be the quickest moving!) and people can still afford to buy them in their thousands!  I watched C&C on TV earlier this week and drooled at all the gorgeous new Nesties, but sadly my family need to eat and have a roof over their heads so that has to be priority! Nevertheless, if we are to believe the presenters, they were 'flying off the shelves'!  Even with the split payments I just couldn't justify picking the phone up.  I kept thinking about next term's school trips, music lessons, uniforms, shoes, and Christmas just around the corner, so my sensible side triumphed! Humph!  What wouldn't I give for something lovely and new to play with! :o(

Oh crikey, that sounded a bit miserable, didn't it? LOL!! Not one bit of it - I'm going to trawl through all the stash I have and make a dent in those papers I have stored away and hopefully make the most of the stuff I do have!

Well I'm going to go and start on my next Back to School card - I can't just give one out - now that I've made for one friend, I will have to make at least two more!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and I wish you all a good day! :o) xx