Monday, 3 October 2011

October's Here!

Phew! How long is it to half term?? OMGosh, I am soooo tired right now - my body clock is telling me it's time to gather food and go to bed for 3 months, and I certainly wouldn't have a problem with that!  The new term only started 4 weeks ago and already I am shattered!

Well what a week I just had.  I got a phone call last Tuesday from Middle School asking me to come over to look at my son's foot.  He'd apparently had an accident playing cricket and they thought he probably needed to see a doc.  So I shot off and sure enough he DID need to see a doc!  As soon as I saw his foot I could tell he'd broken something, but when I got him to the Minor Injuries dept, I was really shocked to see a huge lump under the ball of his foot.  X-Ray revealed the most horrendous thing I've ever witnessed - his big toe had dislocated and was sitting UNDERNEATH his foot!  ARGH! I nearly passed out!  He has also got two broken bones and a fracture in the big toe.  I've never been a cricket fan, and I can't see him wanting to take it up either!  Mind you, he was worried it might impact on his drumming, but thankfully he's managed to keep that up.

Anyway,  here is my latest card offering.  I made this one for one of the team who's birthday it is tomorrow, and I used the Magnolias Down Under challenge for my inspiration.  Their theme this week is Pink, White and Gold - gorgeous colour combo and I loved making this - I hope you like it too!

That's my lot for the moment - see you soon and thanks for stopping by! :o) xx