Sunday, 4 July 2010

Just..... a card!

Happy Sunday bloggers! Life is just toooooo busy right now! Loads of stuff going on and no time to stop for breath! It's been another rollercoaster week, lots of laughs and one or two tears but it's starting to feel a bit like the home stretch now and although there's still lots to do at school, you get the feeling that we're winding down a little. Phew!

Two weeks ago my eldest came home from school with a huge tear in the knee of his trousers! Argh!! Couldn't he just not fall over for 5 more weeks??!!! So with a grinding of teeth and a few choice words spat through clenched lips, I had to go and buy him a brand new pair. Then on Tuesday I spotted that his toes were looking really red and quite blistery! I was really bothered by this and figured that it must be the cheapo shoes I tried to get away with buying him from Tesco. Anyway, I couldn't let my boy go round with feet like that, even for only 3 more weeks - no way. So on Wednesday afternoon I went out and bought him a brand new pair of Clarks - OMG, he was 5.5 and the shoes he'd been wearing from Tesco were only 4.5!!!!! No wonder his feet were sore! So that was it - I put my foot down and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE! Then he came home on Thursday - OMG, I could have cried for him. He's had ANOTHER fall in the playground but he must have landed really hard because all down his right hand side is cut and bruised and his arm has had a huge slice of skin completely sheared off, his shoulder was swollen and badly grazed and, yes, you guessed it, his knee took another bashing, along with his brand new trousers!!! However, this time they ARE going to be repaired and I'm going to get him one of those baby walkers to stop him from having any more trips before the end of term!!

This is a card I made for a Tilda Challenge over at Docrafts last week and haven't even had time to blog it yet!

Tomorrow is going to be the stress day from hell so if there is a God, I'm desperately hoping I've earned enough brownie points to have him smile on me for a couple of hours! If I make it to lunchtime I'm going to be laughing for the rest of term!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. :o) xx